Nuclear Security - Vladimir Yankov

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Lecturer and consultant at different events related to Nuclear Security:

Several participations in IAEA nuclear security culture workshops in Beijing (China), Yerevan (Armenia), Madrid (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Tirana (Albania), Tunis (Tunisia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Cairo (Egypt)

Several participations in nuclear security culture workshops of Center for International Trade and Security (University of Georgia, USA) in Beijing (China), Rabat (Morroco), Sofia (Bulgaria), Hanoi (Vietnam), Serpong (Indonesia) and São Paulo (Brazil)

Several participations in IAEA Consultancy Meetings to review Nuclear Security Culture Teaching Materials

Pariticpation in IAEA Consultancy Meeting for Material Development of the Awareness-Raising and Training for Senior Managers on Nuclear Security Culture

Pariticpation in IAEA Consultancy Meeting on Leadership Development for Nuclear Security

Scheduled events:


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