Biography - Vladimir Yankov

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1991 - 1995 : Secondary education, High School, Bulgaria

1996 - 2001 : Master’s degree in Signal intelligence / Electronic engineer, National Military Academy, Bulgaria
Training courses:

IAEA Regional Training Course "Physical Protection Against Sabotage: Assessing Vulnerabilities and Identifying Vital Areas", Delft, The Netherlands

Best Practice Workshop "Foundations of Physical Protection at Facilities holding Nuclear or Radioactive Materials", London, UK

IAEA International Training Course "Nuclear Material Accountancy and Control for Nuclear Security", Beijing, China

IAEA Regional Workshop on Nuclear Security Culture in Practice, Budapest, Hungary

IAEA International Training Course "Preventive and Protective Measures Against Insider Threats", Tokai, Japan

International Training Course (ITC-25) on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Facilities and Materials, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

National Training Course on Cybersecurity in Management Systems, Sofia, Bulgaria


2001 - 2007 : SIGINT Group Leader, Bulgarian Army

2007 - 2011 : HUMINT Team Leader, Bulgarian Army

2011 - 2012 : Physical Protection Specialist, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria

2012 - 2013 : Chief Specialist at Prevention, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria

2013 - 2020: Head of Analysis and Control of Physical Protection, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria

2020 - ongoing: Head of Nuclear Security, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria

Other assignments:

Coordinator of the Working Group to conduct self-assessment of the Nuclear Security Culture in Kozloduy NPP in 2014

Member of "Berlin Group" - International Coalition for CBRN Security Culture
Military Missions:

Bosnia and Herzegovina - 09.10.2006 - 05.04.2007
Liasion and Observation Officer, EUFOR Althea, LOT House Vitez

Kosovo - 09.09.2008 - 09.03.2009
Team Leader, KFOR, HQ Pristina

Kosovo - 10.02.2010 - 10.08.2010
Team Leader, KFOR, HQ Pristina
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